Bitcoin Word of God

Visions and Visitations

As a young person I was visited many times and knew I had “different encounters”. Most of you might call them dreams, but there was much more reality. At the age of six after an encounter I formed in my mind that I would remember the birthday party and how childish it was, because I felt I had knowledge beyond the adults in the room. I could mass hypnotize at the age of six and by seventeen I felt I was on par communicating with God (but I was not). This was the beginning of a long struggle as I tried to find God, instead of who I thought God was. My soul as a young man could be described as possessed by more than one entity. I would dream of demons and could not wake up and family members asked why I was wandering in the basement growling. Twice as a young Navy Officer I was given visions to save the ship the night before I even knew there would be a problem. Once preventing the ship from running aground and sinking while individuals like Jean Dixon were predicting it would sink.

In my forties I was finally given my purpose. While resting before going to sleep I was complaining about my life, and why should I suffer so much. (My life was more like blessed, yet I was complaining like I was entitled to more.) I had a very clear visitation and was told that suffering would be for the apathetic believer and especially the Jewish Elect who will have to suffer terrible atrocities as Satan removes their physical life. All during this time they MUST maintain true faith to Jesus whom they have denied as the Son of God during their life. I was told that I was to help them, the Jewish. This was a very shocking message, especially since I am a Pre-Rapture believer. That meant I would be here after God takes the church, and by my own definition of my belief, I would not be able to enter Heaven, because I already missed the boat. Being a scientist with a solution mindset, I spent the next 25 years trying to figure out how to help God’s Elect and not be there when things really get bad!

I figured I needed to make a lot of money and print a lot of Bibles. I focused on income, but that was not the answer. I was given another vision and developed a technology to hide the Bible on business CDs. Businessmen passed them all around the world as their electronic business card while unknowingly distributing the Bible, especially in China. My minister friend translated the Bible to Chinese and carried the CDs into China. He gave his life for this, once put in jail, and the second time disappeared without a trace. As technology changed, I tried encoding the Bible on DVD then flash drives and still had no real plan how to distribute them across borders. In fact, I gave up on the idea about 2010 because I felt time was running out and it would be too easy to block the hardware product distribution.

In late 2013, after the passing of my wife, who dedicated her life to God, I had a vision that bitcoin could carry the Bible across all boarders, and it would not be able to be destroyed. In fact, bitcoin should be able to escrow all transactions. The problem is, you cannot practically store the Bible in the bitcoin blockchain because it would bloat the chain and make it unusable. (Not just the Bible, but everything else others would store in the blockchain.)

For the next couple years, myself and virtually everyone programming bitcoin or creating other blockchains tried to solve this problem. How do you store EVERYTHING digital on the millions of computers that would have to store it? No one wants to keep the Library of Congress on their personal computer. I lost sleep thinking about this and could not solve the problem.

Several years ago, because of my later age and the constant turmoil in the world, I felt pressure to get the Bible on the bitcoin blockchain as soon as possible. Even though I did not have the answer, I decided to “let go and let God”. It was only after starting the HlyGrail website that the answer was provided via the HlyGrail Algorithm. By the second day working the website I had a vision how to simply solve the problem and encode the Bible into the bitcoin blockchain.

Years ago, I developed the software algorithms, documented the process, and used the HlyGrail Algorithm to record the HlyGrail Algorithm on the blockchain. I then encoded the KJV Bible 1611 printed in 1900 on the bitcoin blockchain. Visit the link at the top of any page. Eventually, as stated above, the goal will be to have bitcoin Bibles that will contain the New Testament in Hebrew and other languages, and no individual, government, entity, or technology will be able to stop the Bible from crossing all boarders, even in The End Time.

The vision was far greater than just the Bible as I found out. As example. I can replace the patent office. Not because inventions will not continue, but that I was shown how to store EVERYTHING digital like audio, pictures, documents, programs etc. encoded in bitcoin with undeniable proof that the author created the material and can either make it publicly available or keep it private at any level. This system does NOT bloat the blockchain which makes it invaluable. As example, I stored the details years ago on how this works, and it was date stamped forever with all details available from the bitcoin blockchain. Visit HlyGrail for the information. Now ANYONE with intellectual property can protect it, prove ownership, and trade or sell it securely. As you will read on the HlyGrail website, the algorithm is incredibly simple but powerful. Visit the HlyGrail website for details. Basically, you derive a knew receive bitcoin address, create an Intellectual Property File (IPF), store the new address in the IPF along with the hash of any other media needing protection. Encrypt the IPF and develop the Hash for the encrypted IPF. Create a blockchain transaction with the new receiving address and store the Hash of the IPF in the OP_RETURN of the transaction. (There are other processes, as example, you can embed the address in a single media file as the IPF and do not need to encrypt the IPF or store it in Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) and use the CID for the Hash along with other options.)

Now that I have disclosed this algorithm for FREE, only requesting donations from individuals, and requiring businesses to license the system to use it legally, the power of this algorithm should change the blockchain technology forever. I can enforce the fact that I own this knowledge by my information in the IPF and the date time stamped existence in the blockchain.

Imagine storing your birth certificate and making it available to anyone who needed it under your complete control. No lost documents and absolute escrow proof of your existence available to the world at any time.

BUT — It gets better than this! God has always provided for His people, especially in times of need.

There is a plan as we march to The End Time. I have been given a system in a vision that will allow everyone, no matter how poor or disconnected, to be able to participate in developing personal finances. The system will begin to appear on MyCryptoPatent with some discussion further on in this document. I developed an initial system and ran it for a few years allowing individuals to market advertising in eBooks like this one using the blockchain.

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