Bitcoin Word of God

Path to Eternity

We have all been told that life is a journey not a destination. If you are a true Christian, then life IS about the destination.

Our path to the destination can take many turns. This website was created to fund and provide the Bible encoded into the bitcoin blockchain in all languages as an ongoing project that could take many years. Hopefully, people will donate to the initial project and eventually the donations will be used for many purposes directed by God that no one can even imagine today. Donations are traceable because all transactions are registered in bitcoin.

Initially the King James Version of 1611 was encoded and placed on the website. Eventually, we plan to provide the Bible and especially the New Testament, available in Hebrew and other languages, to those needing guidance and support when the Church is gone. At this time, God’s Elect will have, and NEED The Word of God more than ever to remain strong into the Second Coming of Christ.

But what about the journey from now to the end? How will we as Christians survive in the terrible world that is ahead? God will provide. He always has and always will. The world is about to change. If you are not ready, you will suffer unnecessarily. As I was given the other visions through the years, I have been given the vision how to create unlimited wealth outside the control of the world banking system or governments.

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