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End Goal

The End Goal

The end goal of this eBook and website will be to provide bitcoin links to verifiable New Testaments in virtually every language, especially readable by the Jewish people, to guide those who will walk 1000 years with Jesus. Until that time you can use Google Translate. Open the KJB-PCE-MINION.pdf from your computer, copy some text and let Google translate it to any language with reasonable accuracy. If you are ambitious or anointed, you can create protected Bible versions in any language in an Intellectual Property File (IPF) with the HlyGrail Algorithm and place them on your website. Read below for more information.

Living in the End Time

God has always provided for His people. This website will not only be a place to donate to spread The Word of God, but also be a portal to participate in financial security in the End Time.

More than 60% of the people in the world think we are at the End Time, and most are not Christians. They are worried about global warming, viruses, wars, and many other possible things that will end their life before they die of old age. Many fear years of servitude and starvation before death under the new world socialist governments. If you do not believe we are in trouble, search angels on Google. The first full page results will be about a baseball team. It demonstrates world priority on one page.

I understand that the world economy is in trouble and individuals are suffering. Most of that suffering is told in God’s Word. But what most do not know is God also said He will provide. Do you really believe that it was an accident the Three Wise Men provided the most expensive items to Jesus, easy to carry, and conceal? This allowed Jesus to prepare for 30 years before it was time to complete His mission.

The same is true now. Nations and currencies will crumble. There will be mass starvation, wars, and disease. But you have a chance if you will give your life to God. Read the Bible and tell others there is a copy on this website to download, with the ability to prove it is the real Word unmodified by any individual or organization. Ministers are invited to comment on the authenticity. You may not agree with the version, but it is the original as printed and verified. You are encouraged to create your own IPF Bible with different versions and languages.

In the meantime, read on to find out how you can improve your chances of survival during what could be the worst living conditions since the days of the dinosaur. The fact that you are reading at this point is proof that YOU have been chosen.

I will show you how you can create an income distributing this eBook and or by using the technology God revealed.

My story and how God revealed and validated this miracle.

First, I want to make no apologies. Some will not believe anything I say, and others will believe more. I believe we are past the New Testament. God is returning. He is the God of the meek, but he is not meek. He is coming to destroy all who hate Him and bring about the truth of His Word as written. Woe to the politically correct, the apathetic and especially those who deliberately are gathering to confront Him at the End Time.

Who I am is not important. I am like most people in life with the same ambitions, fears, and sins. I will admit that I felt I have always had a personal connection to God even as I fought him daily trying to do life my way. What I am about to tell, was only disclosed to a few close friends and ministers though the years. I am only going to give a summary so as not to bore you.

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