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Who was Jesus?

Jesus Christ Translated

In Hebrew Yeshua is a version of Joshua, and it means “salvation”.

Jesus is the English version of the Greek version of the Hebrew name Yeshua.

The Greek way of expressing Yeshua or Jesus is: Ἰησοῦς, which is pronounced “Yay-soos”.

“Yeshu”, is a Hebrew acronym for a curse: “yimakh shemo ve zikhro” which means, “May his name and memory be obliterated”. “Yeshu” is made of three Hebrew letters – Y-Sh-U (ישו).

“Yeshu” is missing the last letter of “Yeshua” – the sound “Ah”. This last letter is called an “Ayin” (ע), which, rather interestingly, means “eye”.

It is like the Jews cannot see the whole word “Yeshua” meaning “salvation”.

Often referred to as Yeshu haNotzri, which means “curses on Jesus-the-Christian”.

“Notzri” is the Hebrew word for “Christian”, and it means from Nazareth or Natzeret in Hebrew.

But Christ and followers were NOT Christians, they were Jews.

It is more accurate to say Yeshua me Natzeret – Yeshua from Nazareth

Christ is the Greek word for Messiah.

Therefore, the whole translation from Greek would be Jesus (Yeshua – salvation) Christ (Messiah)

Jesus Christ really means Yeshua the Messiah.

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