Bitcoin Word of God


Currently, this eBook has links at the top of every page back to the Bitcoin Word of God so that others can help distribute the Bible and donate. Others can code the eBook to an incredible health product through a link on the bottom of every page. All they need to do is join the product company from the link in this eBook. You are immediately able to distribute the eBook and help distribute the unmodified Bible, while at the same time be able to change your physical and financial situation with the health product. Most receiving compensation from your purchase of the product via this eBook are involved in distributing the Bible in some form. The health product IS God’s miracle gift.

Our System was initially developed around advertising in eBooks designed to explain and distribute the information about bitcoin while commissioning in bitcoin. Stay in touch with MyCryptoPatent as the system grows, then prepare to participate. MyCryptoPatent was an extension of the HlyGrail Algorithm for protecting the Bible, to protecting ANYTHING on the blockchain. The IPF is a super version of what people know as the simple ineffective NFT. This Bible is one of the first IPFs.

A program is being developed that allows the least to the most fortunate to participate around the world. The program takes care of all, yet rewards those that work according to effort. God wants to connect to everyone, so just because you may not believe what is presented here yet, open your heart and mind. Knock and the Door Shall be Opened.

What makes this version of the Bible different?

The answer is, “The system can verify the Bible before you open it and read it. The algorithm can verify an unlimited number of copies no matter where they are located. The verification is stored in one bitcoin transaction accessible by a bitcoin address that can never be modified. The transaction holds the encryption key (bitcoin address) AND the proof of the verification (bitcoin OP_RETURN hash) of the encrypted IPF for the Bible.” This Bible IPF (NFT) is YEARS ahead of what people claim with NFTs.

This is a very important feature; because, in The End Time the Deceiver will do many things to destroy or change the Word of God. The Elect at The End Time will need a positive proof that what they are reading is the truth yet easily readable without modification. All you need to know is the bitcoin address and have a plain text COPY of this Bible and an encrypted copy of the verification text that can be unlocked by the bitcoin address. At any time, if you are not sure of the plain text copy of your Bible, you can go to the bitcoin blockchain and verify the truth. This is why your part is so important in helping distribute millions of copies of the Bible, AND this eBook to read, verify, and explain the IPF for the Bible so the Elect can find it when needed.

Please understand, the intent is to get the New Testament to God’s Elect in a verifiable version. We are not here to argue individual legal meanings of words and various minor translations but to provide the doctrine (Jesus is the Son of God and the way to everlasting life) which is virtually the same in all translations. Ministers and church organizations can help spread the word and copies of these documents and provide validity of the copies coded by the bitcoin transaction.

The initial Key Address for the Bible IPF was 1LABBGXCk8MttukwuxBQEvua4pzKAsjA9S. Transaction 156a0f6f29e220cefc797c3c34e410b14a570ba7de9e90cb2e0b34aa58252eb5. Due to changes in Rijndael and switching to AES, the IPF contains a hash for the Bible that cannot be easily recovered. Therefore, a new IPF was created using the same Bible with AES encryption.

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