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Pay It Forward

This page is provided to show you WHY and HOW you can relieve your financial stress by giving away this website and eBook.  First you should have read everything on this website in order to understand the mission.

Let’s address the elephant in the room.  I hear these two questions or statements ALL the time when trying to engage ministers and others on how to create a respectable income while ministering.

  1. Are you sure it is right for you to profit distributing the Bible? 
    • If they had read the Numbers Link above I doubt they would have asked that question. 
    • Those ministers who are still not sure, I challenge you to provide the proof you should be standing at the back of your church collecting the funds.
  2. I cannot do a program like this because they are perceived as a scam, I worry all my members will be fighting over signing everyone else up, I do not have time to tell others.
    • This is not a scam but backed by a STRONG Christian company with technology that is changing the world. Do a little critical thinking and research before voicing a lack of knowledge question.
    • Visit the product website and visit the business link on how to work with nonprofits by using a proxy.
    • I do not want you SELLING PRODUCTS.  I want you to donate for incredible products to be given away to those in need.  Everyone else will do the same.
    • You can spend your entire time telling people to go to the website to download a free copy of the Bible.  The website and eBook do all the work.

Here is the main problem with nonprofits.  They have no problem asking the same people to give over and over again with limited success because the client receives nothing tangible in return.  Tangible meaning soon after walking out the door they forgot why they gave.  Just engage a few dedicated leaders giving away this website and eBook willing to donate $100 a month for products to give away or use. They will make their own income and donations for the nonprofit, and you will not need to beg them to donate again.

Below is the plan for those looking for Income while distributing this eBook and the Bible while providing product to those in need:

  1. Visit this Sponsor Link then go to the bottom of the page and join as a Member where is says "Free Membership".
  2. Purchase one of the $100 Essential Packs to find out what the product is about.
  3. Set up a recurring $350 Quarterly Combo scheduled for quarterly delivery starting the first of the next month.
  4. Set the Shipping Address of the quarterly product to your church or other charity having people in serious need.
  5. Tell everyone to do the same; join as member, set your initial order, set up a quarterly donation, brand and distribute this eBook linking to the Verified Bible.
  6. Visit this website if you want to know how it works:


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