Bitcoin Word of God

Final Thoughts

Download the BibleIPF.txt.aes file and verify the hash. Then AES-256 decrypt it with the ADDRESS. Then verify the hash of the Bible in KJB-PCE-MINION.pdf. You can now safely read the Bible and share the file with others around the world.

Click the "Brand eBook" above and put your name and contact on the cover. It is easier to read teh eBook than this website. Use the eBook to create income while distributing the eBook by joining from the link on the bottom of any page in the eBook Enjoy using the incredible product, then add YOUR link as the Sponsor on the bottom of every page in this eBook automatically when you join the product company via our team.

Once you brand your name and contact into the eBook, give them to everyone as a gift, even if you do not join the product company. Every book you hand out could be the one that helps complete God's mission. The book is just about exactly like this website except easier to read and everything is available including the Bible from the eBook.

Check out https:// HlyGrail .com for technology and license requirements then start making your own IPFs for profit. The Bible and other files are a complex example of the IPF. A simple version would embed a new receive ADDRESS in an image as a watermark then take the hash of the image and store it in the ADDRESS of the bitcoin transaction. You would then have an NFT that no one can claim as their own until you sell it by transferring funds to a new address. Your image IS your IPF without encryption or in this case a simple NFT that you can store off the blockchain. If anyone tries to copy your image it will have the watermark and blockchain address to verify your file. If they change the watermark, the hash in the transaction will not match. If they try to make a copy without the watermark and create an NFT on any blockchain, their date of transaction will be later than yours proving they stole it.

Check https:// MyCryptoPatent .com to find out where this technology is going. This website was used for two years developing patents and marketing for income with eBooks. The tools to help you build your IPF will be available on the website. We will also provide a service to make the IPF for you. Once we have thousands of individuals using the IPF we will create an auction site for your IPF media and eventually create a store to rival Amazon using the IPF technology where any merchant or customer will be able to sell or refer any product around the world with a compensation structure already tested for two years. Imagine connecting an artist to sell art to a farmer that trades for a lifetime supply of eggs and you get paid in the transaction all without a bank involvement.

The average person has something worth far more than the uncouth ape videos they paid tens of thousands of dollars to produce that are selling in some cases for over a million dollars. Get your share of that industry now, especially using the HlyGrail Algorithm. The first ones and the most unique are usually worth the most. It only costs a few dollars to store on bitcoin and you will not be ripped off by other blockchain gas fees as they bloat their blockchains.

Be careful you only make IPFs for things YOU own. If you take other peoples material, like they do with NFTs, systems will be able to PROVE it was stolen AND block its use.

I recommend you use a separate wallet for IPF transactions, because by its nature, it proves who you are which is contrary to most bitcoin transactions trying to maintain privacy. If you encrypt the files with the ADDRESS and personally store them until proof is needed, like a patent, no one will know who you are or be able to read the data.

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