Bitcoin Word of God

How to Read the Transactions

The encrypted Intellectual Property File (BibleIPF.txt.aes Name not important) for

Blockchain Transaction Number c9bc80714a8ffb8beb360768aa407771f659c8ae836c91783db5a99b52f06926,

Can be AES-256 decrypted with the


After verifying the hash in the

OP_RETURN (HlyGrail 486c79477261696c is added to the front of the Hash)

File Size 1,810 Bytes

matches the AES-256 encrypted IPF (BibleIPF.txt.aes Name not important).

The decrypted Intellectual Property File looks like below and contains the hashes of The King James Version 1611 printed in 1900 called KJB-PCE-MINION.pdf (Name not important), verifying the files inside are the protected documents along with the date and time of recording.

See the transaction image on the Bitcoin Word of God website for the Bitcoin Word of God IPF for the Bible.

The following decrypted text is what is in the encrypted BibleIPF:

Start of Bible IPF below here______________________

Intellectual Property File 3G8vH5MwfqzuMrGC21qNX9cFUVEdqGoCKo

Files initially located on

THIS intellectual property file BibleIPF.txt (Name not important) is encoded AES-256

The Key Address to decrypt THIS file is 3G8vH5MwfqzuMrGC21qNX9cFUVEdqGoCKo

SHA-256 Checksum for THIS encrypted file is in the OP_RETURN Output matching the Key Address on the bitcoin blockchain as output in the same transaction.

This file includes the verification hash for:

KJV Bible name KJB-PCE-MINION.pdf (Can be any filename that matches the below hash.)

Below is the SHA-256 checksum for the clear text KJB-PCE-MINION.pdf proving integrity.

Checksum DA9B39DAE1BDE4A7245F7EA3F2DE207BF5FED0B25E10614084E46AFEAD383D20

File Size 7,082,806 Bytes

Purpose for the Intellectual Property File EndTime.pdf (Can be any file that matches the below hash.)

Below is the SHA-256 checksum for the clear text EndTime.pdf proving integrity.

Checksum 763BB1722D7D408736AEB59890B85F138142EEE12435349C70894C53D98DDC30

File Size 105,967 Bytes

Septuagint with Apocrypha Septuagint.pdf (Can be any file that matches the below hash.)

Below is the SHA-256 checksum for the clear text Septuagint.pdf proving integrity.

Checksum A716CA8BE019DE1655B99B9F44109765C1308343312B86A7769472F26F558941

File Size 5,505,600 Bytes

Understanding the HlyGrail algorithm can be found at

HlyGrail Patent / Copyright Number 3G8vH5MwfqzuMrGC21qNX9cFUVEdqGoCKo

End of BibleIPF above here_____________________

Once you verify each of the files; Bible, End Times, and Apocrypha have the proper checksum or hash, you can prove and feel safe to read the files as the originals even though they are in plain text.

If even one PERIOD was added to any of these files it will change the hash codes significantly and you will know they have changed.


The website with the algorithm is now https// HlyGrail .com

The Word of God at https:// BitcoinWordOfGod .com, and

MyCryptoPatent at https MyCryptoPatent .com

The Original Live Transaction while the explorer works is:

https:// btc4.trezor .io/tx/

Current Transaction for the Bitcoin Word of God Bible and files:

https:// btc4.trezor .io/tx/

KJV Downloads are in the link below but feel free, and you are encouraged, to put the files on your website. The more copies, the harder it is to hide them from God’s Elect.

https:// www.dropbox .com /sh/purezc8xe1ef73v/AACGbECyhhBg59EMgvU_oigma?dl=0

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