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Please read the instructions on choices below before selecting one of the buttons.

You will be directed to an order page and requested to enter your information and email.  We need the email address in the event of accidental overpayment.

DO NOT select one of the buttons unless you intend to gift to one of the choices below.  Opening the buttons to see what they do costs us blockchain funds.

If you just want to play around with sending a few bitcoin, why not try the original 1God28A8CahUcrLjtX4UQouDvdWVqQXSya bitcoin address and donate what you want.  It does not take up server time and you can be one of those who can say your funds are held for God’s Elect.

Choices for Support

Choice 1

The first goal can be quickly accomplished by downloading a copy of the Bible from the website or clicking the link at the top of every page of the eBook. You and champions for Jesus can store the Bible and other documents on your website or elsewhere and make them available to everyone, provable they have not been modified. You can also make unlimited copies of this eBook and pass them on to others.

You can also choose one of the other options above which will support the mission financially and or provide an income opportunity for you while distributing the eBook and website.  We ask for your email in all cases, just in case you accidently send us your entire bank account.  Not that we do not want your entire bank account, but we want to contact you and thank you before we send it to feed some starving child.  And just in case it was a mistake we can expedite your return funds.  You will get an email back with our contact information too, just in case you need some of that money you sent to feed yourself.  In all other cases what you send is considered a gift and not refundable.

Choice 2

You can select the Gift Only Button above.  This button will ask for a nominal $20 in bitcoin, but you can change it to any amount.  Verify your email is correct.  Please use your Neumi username if you have one, otherwise any name will work. It is a required field..

Choice 3

You can select the Magic Gift Button above.  This button is for individuals who are already on the MagicH2o team and would like to support the mission.  Some of the funds will be used to keep this entire system working, growing and integrating.  That includes the Small Dreams Have No Magic and Bitcoin Word of God eBooks and potentially others which will link back to their MagicH2o website with them as sponsor.  Once again, verify your Magic / Neumi username and email before sending.  This will ask for a nominal $20 but once again you can select any amount.

Choice 4

You can select the Neumi Gift Button above.  This button is for individuals who are already in Neumi; however, they are not in the organization of MagicH2o.  None of the people in the MagicH2o organization including the developer of this entire system will benefit from your using the website and system.  The gift is for the development and use of this system and will be used for the system overhead.  These funds will not necessarily be used directly for supporting the mission.  Your gift is basically paying for the advertising of your Neumi link via the MagicH2o system allowing you to brand your contact information into the Small Dreams Have No Magic and Bitcoin Word of God eBooks.  It also puts you into a position to be integrated in the larger picture with MyCryptoPatent.  All members in the MagicH2o organization and those outside who send this gift will be able to leverage the Intellectual Property File (IPF) system.  The cost is $250 one time and not refundable.  Only accidents are refunded.

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