Bitcoin Word of God


Do you know what the book of numbers is about in the Bible? Are you counted in the numbers with this eBook or website? The website is basically voluntary pledges to help the distribution of the Word of God. Have you participated?

I am not trying to put anyone down or make them feel guilty just because they may not pledge. That is between you and God on how and where you participate with Him. However, for the many ministers and others I have donated tens of thousands to over the years, who never read the website or returned a call, you should do a little inner reflection.

All I asked of ministers for years was to notify others of this website so they could download and start distributing the Word of God in a form that could not be destroyed by governments or others. A total of $80 was raised and most by my effort reaching out to individuals. As far as I know, not a single copy was distributed by a minister.

I test marketed the system in various phases raising additional funds. I had serious doubts, because of input from so called religious leaders and others, that raising funds in a form where others could make money passing out the Bible, was not the will of God. They never replied when asked if they ever sold the books they wrote or if they used the funds in collections. This prevented me from moving aggressively with the system. Then a few years ago, during one of these religious debates, I prayed to God to give me a sign for the correct direction. Within MINUTES, the VERY NEXT transaction in bitcoin using the eBook system was to the address – 1God28A8CahUcrLjtX4UQouDvdWVqQXSya which was generated by the software.

I want everyone to understand the implications of what I just said. Bitcoin is a mathematical code. The probability of the bitcoin address 1God— with the capital G being produced as the first payment address immediately after prayer is literally a miracle.

How many bitcoin addresses are there? It has been stated that there are more bitcoin addresses than the number of atoms in the universe. Since no one can see one atom, this is hard to comprehend. If you took all the grains of sand on the planet earth, and each grain of sand was another earth, and you took all the grains of sand combined on all these other earths, you would still have more bitcoin addresses than you have sand.

If you reduce the number of addresses to those starting with 1God, you reduce the number of possible bitcoin addresses, but the number is still beyond all human comprehension.

Now let me add some more complexity. Most “vanity” bitcoin generators try to create a bitcoin address containing some type of word and use what they get. Most of them generate an address but do not have the private key to “spend” the bitcoin. If they just generate addresses and look to see if they have some type of word or acronym, they are stuck with the word generated. When you try to generate a known word, anyplace inside a bitcoin address it could take thousands of years depending on the length of the word even with the most powerful computer in the world. If you try to generate a known word in the front of an address with a private key to “spend” the bitcoin, the chances are virtually impossible.

Why is key generation important? It would take the world’s most powerful computer something like 43,928,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years to reverse engineer the private key to this 1God bitcoin address to spend the funds which was conveniently provided by God.

If you add the fact that 1God was generated as the NEXT address in my program after prayer, it validates the prayer, and the odds become beyond astronomical, and as stated a miracle.

I did not fully accept what God was saying until dreaming Christmas Night 2016 about how to build a system to support the cause. It is clear God has provided the path to distribute the Word of God through the blockchain using the HlyGrail algorithm AND to provide a PATH for those included in the numbers to financially survive the End Times.

I challenge anyone, especially mathematicians, to calculate the probability of creating a bitcoin address with the corresponding private key to spend the coin, with the address starting with 1God, as the first and immediate generated address after the prayer, “God give me a sign that I am on the correct path allowing others to profit as we spread the Word of God.”

Preferably you can pledge to the unique address generated on the website, or you can pledge to the 1God address just to help the cause to spread the Word of God.

If you believe you are numbered to be included financially, then read The Path below.

It should be noted, we went through two phases and significant activity was centered around The Bitcoin Word of God when it was first developed. Not only did we raise pledges for The Bitcoin Word of God (over $20,000 compared to $80 the old way), but many individuals received significant pledges to help them and their projects. With the new interest in NFT technology, we expect to generate millions if not billions with the HlyGrail Algorithm while distributing the Bible all around the world.

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