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Dedication and Purpose


This eBook and website are dedicated to God and the Son Jesus Christ who has given me visitations and visions over the years, even when I was the farthest from God.


This eBook and the corresponding website were created to help God’s Elect find a PDF copy of the Bible that can be proven to be an original with NO modification by any person, entity, or technology. Get the Bible and IPF by clicking the link at the top of the page.

In the process of obtaining that goal, God provided insight and technology to not only accomplish that goal but provided a way for many to endure the hardships until the return of Jesus.

The first goal can be quickly accomplished by downloading a copy of the Bible from the website or clicking the link at the top of every page of this eBook. You and champions for Jesus can store the Bible and other documents on your website or elsewhere and make them available to everyone, provable they have not been modified. You can also make unlimited copies of this eBook and pass them on to others.

The second goal can be done by visiting the sponsor on the bottom of every page in this eBook. Your purchases could change the life of you and your loved ones and will help support the individual promoting this eBook and the distribution of the Bible. Also, YOU can become a sponsor to support you while distributing this eBook and the Bible.

How Important Are YOU?

Please understand that EVERY single person is important to this mission with or without taking advantage of the financial gain. If everyone would just tell a few people, mathematically we will reach everyone on the planet in a very short time. Our program does not need you to have internet or a cell phone to help. You can get a copy of a link to this eBook and write the link on scraps of paper. Then give the paper away.

For whom is this eBook?

Most importantly it is for God’s Elect who at the End Time will need to seek truth and guidance to be able to make it to the end of their task. I pray that millions of copies of this eBook along with the Bible and how to verify it are distributed around the world, especially in oppressive countries where fake news and documents abound.

For everyone else it does not matter your religion or faith. God loves all His children and the technology revealed by God to accomplish this goal is something that can change your life. Literally anyone in the world can use this technology to change their financial status. Crypto currency was designed to make verifiable transactions between untrusted parties, but the ability to identify the real assets traded was difficult because of the limited space on the blockchain to store asset information. You can now trade a dozen chickens and a dog for a calf and not only prove when you paid something but what assets the transaction traded. Read on to find out how to financially survive these hard times whether you believe God or global warming.

Read the Bible

I recommend you read the Bible as long as available through a credible source. The recommended source is and is available in over 900 languages. Please understand, we have not validated any of the versions on this website so any document can be changed at any time by anyone without the HlyGrail Algorithm. We are not associated with We provide a Bible version that was verified by many religious leaders. Ministers should verify and place this Bible on their website.

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