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This page is intended for current members of Neumi but NOT on the MagicH2o team who want to help support the mission of the Bitcoin Word of God and get the MagicH2o funnel. Your advertising cost will be $250 PLUS TAX. Values are in US Dollars. If your NeumiUserName is not correct then change it before pressing the pay button. (If you got here by a link, the username shown will probably be your sponsor.) If you agree with the conditions of sale then continue your payment.

Members in Neumi NOT on the MagicH2o team need to pay for this funnel. No one on the Magic Team or the developers derive benefit from your Neumi organization. Your purchase will be used to maintain the Funnel System. You will be able to leverage the MyCryptoPatent and BlockchainIPF systems. You will be able to access the Small Dreams Have No Magic eBook and Bitcoin Word of God eBook branded to your Neumi username.

You agree, that because of the eBook branding technology, we cannot recover or stop you from using eBooks you brand with your information. This is like a newspaper. Once you pay and get your copy, we cannot refund you because you already have used the product. Your links will not work without payment.

Make sure you have included the correct email address in the event of errors. Send an email with your Paypal Order Number and your Neumi Username to support @magich2o .com. Make sure your NeumiUserName is correct because that is what we put in our system to turn it on. Capitalization must be exactly as your Neumi website username. Invalid usernames will brand to "topdoggie" in all your books and materials.

No Refunds Except Major Errors